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Rare Metal Brokers

RMB has been established in response to the incredible “bull run” that rare earth metals have experienced in 2010-2011. We offer investors throughout Europe the ability to buy a complete spectrum of physical investment grade rare earth metals.


During the global financial crisis and the era of “paper investments”, the demand for investment grade metal as a hard, physical asset has grown exponentially. Whether you are a seasoned market professional looking for a portfolio hedge, or simply someone who has had enough of sluggish and lackluster investments with heavy fees: RMB can help you.


Our management team is devoted to identifying the best opportunities in the rare earth metal sector. All the metals presented to the investors have undergone a rigorous selection process, which includes research about supply and demand of each type of metal, analysis of future prospects and market comparisons.


Rare Metal Brokers is committed to promoting responsible, ethical and environment friendly processes within the rare earth industry. The metals that we offer to our clients are of the highest possible purity, which is regularly tested.


By their very nature, investments carry a certain amount of risk; high dividends entail high risk. Any product offering dividends that are higher than currency rates is considered to carry a noticeable amount of risk. Please read the following carefully:

- Capital loss risk: There is no guarantee that you will recoup your initial investment. The value of products may rise or fall, and these changes depend on market variations.

- Liquidity risk: There is no immediate liquidity for tangible products. Your initial investment may be locked in short- or longer-term. Unfavourable market conditions can limit or prevent sales. Please also note that we do not offer liquidity guarantees.

- Assessment risk: Given that it is extremely difficult to estimate product values, we cannot provide exact figures for the value of your products, nor do we issue financial reports. We are however able to provide you with indicative figures on request as additional information to any other information you may have gathered by your own means.

Depending on your investment profile and holding period, you will tend towards acquiring assets with different amounts of risk and so doing decide how much of each asset class you have in your portfolio. We recommend that your portfolio contain a wide range of assets, which will reduce exposure; we also recommend professional guidance when analysing capital placements, taking all risks into account with regard to your profile, objectives and wealth.